Qopeen: Fighting Women's Poverty - From Origin to Solution

Qopeen: Fighting Women's Poverty - From Origin to Solution

Have you ever or do you know someone who had to choose between buying groceries and essential hygiene products? Or resorting to makeshift solutions like paper towels for period products?

It's the harsh reality for millions of women in the US, with a staggering 2 out of 3 struggling to access period products. This "period poverty" isn't just about menstruation - it's a symptom of a larger issue: women’s poverty.

Qopeen was born from the desire to work on something meaningful and a deep empathy for this situation. We started by focusing on period poverty, but we quickly realized the challenges went beyond menstruation. During our research, we were constantly reminded that access to personal hygiene essentials and food was a struggle for many women.

As of 2023, about 20 million women live below the poverty line in the US. For them, affording necessities becomes a constant battle. Even those above the poverty line can struggle during unexpected financial issues, being between jobs, making just too much to qualify for EBT benefits.

Qopeen's mission is to be the link between those women and generous donors who can trust that we have done due diligence to ensure their donations are used the way they’re supposed to. Our goal is to be more than just a platform for women to access essential products – we're building a community of support.

Here's how we fight:

  • Crowdfunding Power: We leverage the power of collective action to provide women with the essentials they need.
  • A Unique Strategic Partnership: Qopeen uses Target to provide a wider impact as the chain is present in all 50 states and “there’s a store within 10 miles of most doorsteps in America.’’ we can reach more women in need and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

  • A Unique Anonymous Approach: Unlike other platforms, Qopeen believes in the power of giving in a way that creates a judgment-free zone. We understand the importance of privacy and empathy in addressing sensitive issues like period poverty. Qopeen is home of quiet kindness.

Through research, strategic pivoting, and numerous conversations with women, we have created a safe space where women can receive help efficiently and without fear of judgment. Qopeen is committed to fostering a supportive community that uplifts and empowers women in need.

Join the Qopeen movement today!

Visit our website: https://Qopeen.com
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