How it works

Start Fundraising with Qopeen

1. Register:
- To get started, fill out this short form.
Check our FAQ for a list of documents needed to confirm your registration, once we receive the form.

2. Quick Approval:
- Registrations are typically approved within 24 hours.

Once you're approved we'll guide you through the next steps to start fundraising on

Rest assured, your identity and information will never be shared or sold. This step is essential to ensure the integrity of financial resources and prevent improper handling of funds.

To Donate

1- Explore Campaigns.

2- Donate with confidence. As we take the necessary steps to ensure campaigners' needs are met with transparency and accountability.

3- Campaigns are fully funded and items can be picked up from the chosen Target store.

4- Credit cards and other fees are already included in each campaign goal:
 - 2.9% for credit card fees
- 10% for items priced under $10
- 15% for items priced over $10

This ensures that we can sustainably support our mission to help women without compromising the safety of our platform and the well-being of our team. These small fees are essential to maintaining a secure and efficient service, allowing us to continue providing vital resources to women in need.