About us

What does Qopeen mean and what it is all about? 

Qopeen is a blend of “Queen” and “Copine,” which is French for “friend.” 
We’re a unique crowdfunding platform designed specifically for women. We address pressing issues like period poverty and ensure access to essential products when they’re needed most. We’ve created a judgment-free zone where women can be supported anonymously, creating a space we proudly call the “Home of Quiet Kindness.” In collaboration with Target, we offer a personalized experience, allowing every woman to meet her specific needs. 

The mission and goals of Qopeen

Poverty is a silent crisis affecting too many women, and addressing it felt like a necessary step. In the US, 20 million women live below the poverty line, each year.
The mission is to give them a platform where they feel safe to ask for help without fear of judgment. In today’s digital world, online information is permanent. Imagine having your name tied to a crowdfunding campaign because you can’t afford period pads or soap! We should not be ashamed to go through a tough time but it is a completely normal human so that’s why we chose to set up an anonymous process both for campaigners and for donors. Qopeen vets all requests, so donors can confidently contribute to helping women who truly need it. 

Meet our Founder

Elisabeth, our Founder, reached a point in her career where she felt very unfulfilled. She wanted to make a positive impact on the world. Reflecting on her own experiences and those of friends, period poverty stood out as a major issue. It left a lasting impression on her, and statistics show it’s still a significant problem as two-thirds of women can’t afford period products, which are expensive and often heavily taxed. While this was the initial focus, she quickly realized the need to expand to other categories like personal hygiene products, food, and even baby formula. “Women, especially women of color are more likely to live in poverty than men, and they need robust, targeted solutions to ensure their long-term economic security.” This is why Qopeen was born.

When she's not trying to make the world a little better, you can find her enjoying flowers and french fries.