What is Qopeen?
Qopeen is a fundraising platform that allows women to anonymously fundraise for food and basic necessities then to pick-up at their nearest Target store.

Who is Qopeen for?
Qopeen is for any woman who needs a little help and those who want to help them.

What makes Qopeen different?
All fundraising are and will always be anonymous.
We know it is not easy to ask for help; no one should have to choose between their privacy and struggling in silence.
To ensure the safety of our donors and community, we have implemented certain safeguards.

Why is Qopeen partnering with Target?
We have chosen Target as our exclusive partner because just like Qopeen, Target is ''committed to putting the needs of people and communities at the heart of how they work''.
Additionally, Target boasts an extensive range of products spanning across diverse categories, which are of high quality.
What documents do I need to get approved?
We understand that hardships can occur unexpectedly or suddenly, that is why we only ask for the most current documents as opposed to customary three last months.
  • One official ID. 

  • Most current bank account statement
  • Loss of wages or unemployment documents

  • If you are employed but still struggling please upload your most recent pay stub along with your most recent rent payment receipt.

Can I join Qopeen if I'm self-employed?
Yes! Please refer to the list of documents needed.

Can I join Qopeen if I'm currently receiving SNAP, EBT or any governmental assistance?
Absolutely! While SNAP and other programs are great there are often times not enough and very restrictive. Qopeen acts as a complementary aid that will not jeopardize you receiving governmental assistance.

Can I join Qopeen if I am a minor in foster care?
Yes! You can also join if you're transitioning out of foster care. Please email us at info@qopeen.com with Foster Care in the subject line.

What can I fundraise for on Qopeen x Target?
You may fundraise from the following categories and brands:

Baby / Up & Up
Bath and Body / Up & Up
Kids clothes / Cat & Jack
Kids' Arts and crafts / Mondo Llama
Feminine Products / Diverse Brands
Food / Good and Gather 
Formula / Diverse Brands 
Personal Care / Up & Up
Pet / Kindfull
Vitamins and Supplements / Up & Up

What items are prohibited?
Prohibited items are beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, tobacco, prescription medicines, and non-essential electronics.

What are non-essential electronics?
TV, tablets, video games. We reserve the right to update this list at any given time.

How can we contact Qopeen?

  • For registration: registration@qopeen.com
  • For info: info@qopeen.com
  • For help: help@qopeen.com
  • To share your shopping cart: cart@qopeen.com